high school musical 3 – The boys are back!

27 10 2008

the reason why i posted this is because i just watched the movie yesterday! and it rocks!!! and my favourite song is the boys are back!

6 10 2008

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all you need to know about club penguin cheats

5 10 2008

NOTE: If some of these cheats/glitches do not work it is either because Club Penguin fixed it or because you are doing it wrong.
If some of these cheats are crossed out, that means that they no longer work.
For secret agent and tour guide cheats, please visit the subpage here: Secret Agent and Tour Guide Cheats
Edit Other People’s Igloos (Way 1):
1. Go to your igloo.
2. Press the Igloo edit button.
3. Press your player card.
4. Go to HQ.
5. Use the map and go to any member igloo.
6. Now you can move things around.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Edit Other People’s Igloos (Way 2):
1. Go to your igloo.
2. Walk towards the door of your igloo.
3. Press the igloo edit button quick.
4. Now your map should pop up, go to any room.
5. Use the map and go to any member igloo.
6. Now you can move things around.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Edit Other People’s Igloos (Way 3):
1. Go to your igloo.
2. Open up one of your buddies player cards.
3. Press the igloo edit button.
4. Now visit the person’s igloo and you should be able to move things around.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Walk With Newspaper in Any Room:
Note: You must have 2 computers or 2 user accounts on your computer
1. First go to the computer/user account that you don’t want to be walking with the newspaper on.
2. Go to the room where you want to walk with the newspaper in and open up the news.
3. Now switch back to your other computer/user account but DON’T log out of the first one.
4. Log back in the server where you were when you opened the newspaper and go in to the room where you opened it in.
5. Now when you walk around you will be walking with the newspaper! You cannot see yourself doing this nor can the people that weren’t in the room when you originally opened the news on your first computer/user account.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Walk With the Newspaper in the Book Room/Ski Lodge/Lodge Attic:
1. First go to http://play.clubpenguin/load.swf.
2. When you login, make sure that you login to a safe chat server or that your penguin is in safe chat mode.
3. Go to the book room or ski lodge and open up someone’s player card and move it all the way to the left of the screen.
4. Join a game of Mancala/Find Four (depending on which room you went to)
5. When the screen pops up that says “Do you want to join this game?” press Yes multiple times very fast.
6. If you did it right you should have walked away from the game of mancala yet your game would still be up.
7. Now join another game of mancala without exiting out of the first one.
8. Open up the newspaper and press the ‘Tab’ button on your keyboard, a yellow box should appear around something. Keep pressing tab until the box goes around the buddy icon on your chat bar.
9. Press enter once it is around the buddy icon and hi/her player card should pop up on the left, now use the ‘Tab’ button once again to get the yellow box around the send card button on your buddy’s player card.
10. Once it is around it press enter and send him a postcard. Now use your map and go back to the town/ski village (depending on which room you did it in) without moving at all.
11. Once you are in the town head back to the book room/ski lodge (depending on which room you did it in)
12. You will now be walking with the news, you cannot see it but other people can. People that had recently entered the room will not be able to see it either.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Walk On Walls in Any Room:
You need Internet Explorer 7 to do this
1. First you must go on the Club Penguin swf site in the internet explorer 7 browser
2. At the bottom right of your browser there will be a zoom in tool, click it and zoom to about 700%
3. Now scroll over to the right and there will be a white area, click it
4. Once you have clicked it zoom out to 100% and you will see yourself on the wall.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Invisible Penguin/Duplicate Name:
Note: You must have 2 computers or another way of logging on to 2 accounts at the same time.
1. First log in to the server and room on the penguin you want to do it on.
2. Now log on to that same penguin into a differnt server without logging out of where you went in step 1.
3. Now log out of both.
4. Log on to that penguin once again in to the same place as you went in step 1.
If you say something on that penguin its speech bubble will be messed up. You can repeat this as many times as you want to put your name everywhere in the room.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Floating Free Items or Pins:
1. First login to an ultimate safe chat server.
2. Go to a room with a free item or a pin in it.
3. Walk on it to make the message that says if you want to pick it up appears; do not click Yes/No.
4. Press the tab button on your keyboard until the yellow box surrounds your igloo button on the chat bar.
5. Press enter and the image of the item will be on your screen wherever you go.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Stand At the Left Pathway in the Town:
1. First go in to the nightclub.
2. Now click the top right of the door leading to the town rapidly, even while it is loading.
3. When the room is done loading you should now be on the sign in the left pathway.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Talk in Safe Chat Servers:
1. Go to an ultimate safe chat server.
2. Press the ? on your chat bar.
3. Uncheck the safe chat box.
4. Go to another room and you will be able to talk.
Click Here for a video tutorial

Stand Near Signs or Pathways:
1. Go to the mountain.
2. Go to the bunny hill.
3. While you are walking press the map.
4. Join the game.
5. When the game starts go to the town.
6. Walk towards the sign on the right.
7. Press ‘W’ rapidly until you get there.
8. Now you’re on the sign.
Nubbing (walk under the chat bar):

1. Go to the swf page http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf.
2. Press F11 on your keyboard to get to full screen mode.
3. Press the white spot under your chat bar and you will be nubbing.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Dropping Words Glitch:
(You must be on http://play.clubpenguin.com for this to work. You will not be able to see it on the swf site)
1. First go to a room that is listed below.
2. Go to a part of the room where you are able to stand near the border of the Club Penguin screen.
3. Say something that is about 2 words like “hi hi”.
4. Walk around and your words will drop.
Here is a list of the rooms this can be done in:
Snow Forts
Boiler Room
Ski Lodge
Dance Club
You are not limited to those rooms listed above; this can be done in almost every room where there is a Club Penguin border next to where you can walk.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Stand on Penguins:
1. Go to the swf page http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf.
2. Put your mouse over a penguin you would like to stand on.
3. Hold the tab button on your keyboard.
4. The courser should change to a regular arrow.
5. Now click and you should be on the other penguin now.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Flashing Words:
To do this you have to say one of the sentences that I list below then walk around, here is a list of sentences that you can use:
1. Say “green commander of (anything you want)”
4. Say “PARTY LIKE A rock STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Click Here for a video tutorial
Walk On Lighthouse Walls:
1. Go in to the ligthouse.
2. Stand behind the fish bucket.
3. Press the door, then quickly press the second floor.
Have more than 100 buddies:
1. Have about 90-99 buddies.
2. Go around asking a lot of people to be your buddy.
3. Then eventually when they all accept you will have more than 100 buddies.
Put Wall Items On Walls Sideways:
1. Place an item on your wall in your igloo the correct way it goes.
2. Drag it to the side of your igloo so it looks turned and it’s transparent.
3. Once you see both of those things let go and it will be on the walls sideways.
Put Floor Furniture On Walls:
1. Go to your inventory.
2. Click a floor item that is at the top row of your inventory multiple times fast.
3. Press the tab button on your keyboard.
4. Press enter.
(This also works for putting wall items on the floor)
Special Dances with Different Items on:

(This glitch is client side which means only you can see it.)
1. Have on any clothes you want or no clothes.
2. Go to your player card.
3. Put on an item that you can do a special dance with.
4. Don’t close your player card.
5. Now dance or wave (depending on what special item you’re doing it with).
6. Now you should be doing a weird dance.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Hockey Puck Glitch:
1. Go to the Ice Rink.
2. Wait for the puck to stop moving if it is.
3. Hold the tab button and click on the puck.
4. Now click anywhere you want and the puck will go there.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Walk On Walls In the Town:
1. Go to the ski mountain.
2. Walk to a game and while you’re walking press the map.
3. Join the game and when it starts go to the town.
4. Repeatedly press ‘W’ then walk to either the right or left path way.
5. When you stop at the pathway click the door of the night club and you will be walking on walls.
Talk With Newspaper:
1. Walk to a game of sled racing.
2. While you are walking there press your map.
3. Join the game and when the game starts go to a different room.
4. Now open the newspaper and press tab and your typing courser will appear in the chat bar.
Catch the Big Fish In Ice Fishing:
When you see the big fish (Mullet) starting to come hook a yellow fish on the line, but don’t reel it in yet. Instead, keep it there until the big fish comes and then use the yellow fish as bait.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Candy Pizzas in Pizzatron 3000:
Once you get to the screen press the red lever at the bottom and it will change to candy pizzas.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Hidden Riddles, Jokes and Poems:
Sometimes in the newspaper there will be secret jokes, riddles and poems. To see them simply put your mouse over the top of those sections and if you see something highlight click it.
Click Here for a video tutorial
Astro Barrier Cheats:
1. While on the loading screen press 1, 2 or 3 to get to levels 10 20 and 30.
2. When you beat level 6 shoot the blue and green targets to get an extra point and live (shoot the blue one first).
3. When you beat level 10 wait 30 seconds and a blue ship will appear, shoot it to get to the secret levels!
Quickly Full Puffle Stats:
Give it a bath then feed it.
Puffles with No Names:

<a href=”http://whos.amung.us/stats/wljff1k9d3fu/”><img src=”https://whos.amung.us/widget/wljff1k9d3fu.png&#8221; width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ title=”Click to see how many people are online” /></a>

welcome to xagents wordpress where club penguin cheats and glitches are allowed to go freely

25 09 2008

this  is my word press do not copy any material you find on this site (amount of material is 0%) if i see that you have copied my material i will report you to who ever is hosting you site to shut it down

new pin just came out

22 09 2008

one day i was walking with my penguin and i found out the new pin!!! its in the dock! near the bush its a magnifying glass pin.


26 01 2009

i am a stupid boy who takes my bro’s stuff


31 12 2008

im quiting this site sssgoaway i think im gonna give it to you but if you think its to much to handle ill give it to my best friend in real life. comment if you dont want me to quit

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12 12 2008

hi xagents here i havnt been postinn for a really really really long time iand ijust wanna say im sorry

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26 11 2008

whos among us?

26 11 2008

the new and improved dojo

15 11 2008

hi guys just wanted o tell you that the dojo is finally open!! look at this image!!! if you want to post it on your blog you have to ask ME or i will report you      

man this is cooool

man this is cooool

oh and as you can see you can open the gong and throw snowballs at t it will make a noise

xagents here

14 11 2008

hey i know i havn’t been postin for a long long time but im really busy with my life so hang on! oh and if you give comments i will teach you how to become a ninja